Curios Croatia

Two Nobel prize winners (both of them for chemistry) hail from Croatia: Lavoslav Ruzicka, awarded in 1939 and Vladimir Prelog, awarded in 1975.

The first Croatian opera “Love and Malice” was composed by Vatroslav Lisinski and performed for the first time in 1846 during the popular renaissance period.

The native of Zagreb, Slavoljub Eduard Penkala was the first one in the whole world to produce a mechanical pen and fountain pen (1906). This type of pen is called “penkala” the world over because of his name.

The Croat Pavao Skalic (1534-1575) was the first one to use the word encyclopedia. Tesla

Tesla is a unit used to measure the density of magnetic flux. It is named after the renowned scientist, a native of Croatia, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). Tesla revolutionized electric technology. His inventions form the foundations of radio technology.

The cathedral of St. Dujo in Split is the oldest cathedral in the world. Before the Christian era, it served as a mausoleum for the emperor Diocletian.

The oldest pharmacy in Croatia was founded in 1271 in Trogir. Along with the pharmacy in Cologne, it is the oldest pharmacy in Europe.

The cravate necktie is a clothing article that was bestowed to the world by Croats - the term for necktie in English, German, Spanish, French and other languages is derived from Croat.